The Spirit Bear Character Analysis

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The boy, the baby faced criminal, he thinks he is all that and now he is in a hospital, this boy’s name is Cole Matthews. Cole ended up in this situation because he decided to brag about breaking into a convenience store and hospitalized a student in his grade named Peter driscoll. Cole got sent to a island from the result of circle justice now think about that you're putting a teenage boy on a island all alone with emotions rushing through his mind and testosterone flowing through his veins, do you really expect him to just stay there and try not to escape at all? Now Cole thought this was going to be easy and all so guess what he did he burnt down his shelter and all his materials needed for survival. I believe big time cole failed himself…show more content…
I already infer that he is definitely heading back though the proof of this is right after page 112 it states PART TWO RETURN TO SPIRIT BEAR in big bold letters. This has to mean Cole is going to return to the island and try to face spirit bear with a new attitude and hopefully this time he can succeed. “But the Spirit Bear was also a memory that would never disappear from his mind or heart,” (Page 112). This could mean that Cole wants to return to the island, what I mean by this is when you get connected to someone or something you tend to want to go to it or attract to it like a couple they always want to see each other so if they have the chance they go to each other. In this case Cole wants to return to the island because he had a connection to it, he is determined to see the spirit bear again. So in the end it doesn’t really matter if he should return to the island because I accept to think that Cole is going to return to the island and to him this time it won’t be a punishment it will be what Cole gets a lot of, a second chance. This hasn’t had much to do with the second reason Cole failed himself but I wanted to take time to show that Cole is definitely heading back to the island not as a punishment but to have another go at
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