The Spirit Catch And You Will Fall Analysis

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America is the “melting pot” country where immigrants from various countries around the world come here and settle. They come here either for economy, political, education or medical reason. When they migrate here they bring with them their culture, religious, value and belief which makes America more diverse and interest. Yet, at the same time it often leads to two cultures collision. Cultural shock is unavoidable for almost newcomer refugee people. In the book” The Spirit Catch and You Will Fall” by Anne Fadiman described how Hmong and Western cultures has clashed over a post-natal care of the child and childbirth which caused a lot of stress and anxiety for Nao Kao family and the medical staffs at the Merced Community Medical Center. In Hmong culture, woman conceives, carries and…show more content…
Her score was ranked from 7 to 9 after four minutes of her birth which indicated that she was a healthy baby. She then placed in a “ steel and Plexiglas warmer” where the nurse put a plastic identification band around her wrist and stamped her footprint on the Newborn Identification. From there, she got removed and transferred to a nursery room where she got vitamin K injection on her thigh. Vitamin K would help prevent Lia from a rare problem of bleeding into brain in the first twelve weeks following birth. (web, n.p).She also received “ two drops of silver nitrate solution in each eye to prevent infection from gonococcal”(7). The nurse then bathed her with the Safeguard soap. On the New born identification form, It shown Lia was born at 7:09pm, on July 19,1982. As Foua recalled she didn’t know what her birthday was because her mother never recorded the time, date and year. All she could remember that Foua was born in the second season of an opium

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