The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down Analysis

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The tragedy that is the conflict of two cultures, American medicine and Hmong culture, two goods that lead to inevitable outcomes coupled with a distinct language barrier. This book crucially recounts a poignant and touching tragedy of an immigrant child whose origin is the war torn traditional life of Laos’ mountains and now her home is the Merced town in California. Two disparate cultures essentially collide resulting from language barriers, social customs, and religious beliefs. The recount by Anne Fadiman, an editor at the American scholar, sequentially recounts the clash between the American physicians and the Hmong family and thereby revealing how such differences can have an effect on the attitude towards healing and medicine.
Review and Response
Fadiman’s The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down brings forth a riveting yet intriguing narrative that indicates the relationship between the ancient Hmong traditional beliefs and the modern American medicine. The cultural collision and difference is described through the development of the story of Lia Lee who happens to be quite young, sick, and unable to stand for herself and her beliefs. Lee is a Hmong child and the narrative is an account of the blow by blow recount of the struggles and challenges as the two colliding cultures as they fight over the soul and the body of Lia Lee the Hmong sick girl. Lia’s outcome and ultimately her well-being is inevitable bound by the challenges of ensuring her best interest by all
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