The Spirt Of Capitalism: Weber Vs. Weber

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The Feeble market camp believe that the market influenced by culture and society. The ideas of the feeble market can be seen in the quote, “the theme throughout is that markets are embedded in, entangled with or otherwise dependent on other parts of society,” Forcade and Healy 2007: 295). This leads to look at how capitalism only thrives in certain cultures and there are specific conditions that help it thrive. The concept of the society having an imporant role in the market can be seen in Weber’s theory on the Spirit of Capitalism and the origins of capitalism.
(Weber) Weber believes that capitalism came Protestantism, with his idea of the Spirt of Capitalism. He believes that to be a good capitalist, that rationality is key. Weber argues to be a good capitalist, people have to be rational and create was to make more money. This can be seen when Weber talks about Franklin and the Spirit of Capitalism in the quote, “Money can beget money, and its offerings can beget more, and so on,” (Weber 2003:49). The origins of capitalism for him, comes from three imporant parts of Protestantism that capitalism came out of. Luther and the calling, Calvinism, and the lack of self-indulgent are all imporant keys to the formation of capitalism.
Luther and the calling is a very imporant role in creating capitalism. Before this calling, people would go to the church and pray there. Luther created the idea that everything can be the calling, so even peoples work can be their calling.

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