The Splatter Blood For Blood Spatter Analysis

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The splatter of blood is different from the splatter of other liquids because blood has a different consistency than regular liquids. Blood is analyzed in many different ways, including its shape and the location of the blood stains. “Analysts examine the size, shape, distribution and location of the bloodstains to form opinions about what did or did not happen” (“Bloodstain Pattern Analysis”). The length of blood splatter is calculated based on the height of where the blood was dropped and the amount of blood that was dropped. The length of splatter from a drop blood can range from 0.1 -1 inch in length. And the degree of the blood splatter angle can range from a 6-degree angle to a 90-degree angle. Liquids have different types of splatters and lengths. “When a liquid drop hits a solid surface, like a raindrop hitting pavement, it may flatten and spread smoothly, or it may produce a ragged-edged splash” (Ball, Focus:What Makes a Droplet Splash). The shape and length of the splatter can also be impacted by the type of surface it lands on. For example, “the texture of the surface that the blood lands on affects the shape of the blood pattern, too”(“Splatter Blood for Blood Spatter Analysis”). The height at which the substance is dropped can also impact the length of the splatter. For example, a drop of blood dropped from 3 feet above the surface will have a smaller length than a drop of blood dropped 10 feet above the surface. So then a scientist can determine the height of

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