Split Cycle Engines: The Scuderi Engine

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The IC engine has seen numerous revolutionary and evolutionary modifications in technology and design over the past few decades. The sole motto behind the modifications was to increase the overall efficiency of the IC Engine including volumetric and thermal efficiency. Recently few benchmarking technologies like the CRDI, MPFI, HCCI, etc. in the Otto cycle and Diesel cycle engines have created an enormous revolution in the automobile industry. In spite of these technological and design advances, the efficiencies are not being more than a particular limit. However, the concept of split cycle engines has drastically increased the overall performance in all respect. The split cycle concept basically separates the four strokes of the conventional
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A split cycle engine is an IC engine that separates the four strokes of Intake, Compression, Power and Exhaust. These strokes separation is achieved by using two separate but paired cylinders of the Scuderi engine are named as the Compression Cylinder (i.e. First Cylinder) and the Power Cylinder (i.e. Second Cylinder). The sucked atmospheric air is compressed into the Compression Cylinder and then it is sent to the Power Cylinder. The system through which the compressed air is transferred to the Power Cylinder is known as Crossover Passage. The compressed air is then mixed with injected fuel and the combustion takes places in the Power…show more content…
The split cycle engines appeared as early as 1914. Various split cycle configurations with different specifications were designed but they failed to match the efficiency of the conventional IC Engines. This was because of the two predominant causes i.e. Breathing (Volumetric Efficiency) and Low Thermal Efficiency.
The Scuderi engine was invented by Carmelo J. Scuderi. The Scuderi engine was formally known as Scuderi Split Cycle Internal Combustion Engine. Scuderi Group is an engineering and licensing company situated in West Springfield, Massachusetts and founded by Carmelo Scuderi following own generations. The first working prototype engine after testing was officially revealed by the Scuderi Group to the public in the year 2009. The Scuderi Group had around more than 476 patent applications worldwide as of August 2011 and more than 154 applications as patens have issued in more than 50

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