The Spongebob Square Pant: A Short Story

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Imagine a world where there is no evil. Imagine a world where everyone you see, speak to, and listen to is your friend. Imagine a world where a touch of a hand glorifies your day. An autistic world seems so beautiful. That is the world Chase lives in. Chase was my childhood neighbor, he moved in a few years after my family did. He came from an abrupt household with no father figure. With all he did not possess in his home life, he possessed emotionally and within his welcoming heart. That is what built our friendship. Maybe it was playing freeze tag with only the two of us or maybe it was the Spongebob Square Pants obsession we both shared. Either way Chase changed my ways of life. He would ask me questions he already knew the answer to just…show more content…
I never saw weakness, I never saw hurt. He was the happiest person I ever met. He taught me things about myself I would have never known. He brought out my compassionate side, my nurturing side. He has taught me that I want to be a pediatric nurse. Because of Chase I will be attending the college of dreams in hopes of getting into the nursing program so I can help children the way he has helped me when I was younger. When Chase, brother, and mother moved, it was unexpected. That was their life always on the move never in the same place for too long. Instead of feeling disconnected and upset when I saw my friend drive off with their bags, I felt blessed. I was able to have my life changed in a matter of a year. I was open to new ideas. I am now able to view every up and down in life as a positive thing. Through heartache, pain, and loss I have remained impacted. I have not spoken to Chase since the day he left. This is not sad. Chase has a beautiful soul. I can only imagine the lives he’s attaching on. Lives he’s changing with his purity and delight. It is impressive and uplifting. Chase has forever changed me and years later is still forming me into the person I want to become. An autistic world seems so
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