The Spray Food In Today's Phil Of The Future

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Hollywood over the years has created many technological inventions for their projects. For instance, Star Trek introduced the idea of the cell phone before it became a reality later in the 21st century. Phil of the Future, a Disney Channel sitcom, followed this Hollywood trend as well. Phil of the Future was about a teenaged boy named Phil, along with his family, who comes from the future to live a normal life in the mid 2000’s. They brought their futuristic lingo, holidays, and of course the gadgets/inventions. One of the gizmos that Phil and his family regularly used in secret was the Spray Food. The Spray Food in the show was a can of various meals and desserts that a family member would shake up and spray onto a plate. The food would look like a layer of foam that would quickly transform to whatever food item that the label on the can had promised.…show more content…
Luckily that she’s from the future and no one in the present knows of the gadget, she decides to use the Spray Food. Although the Spray Food was beneficial to Pim for her school project , it would also have a positive impact on today’s society. Cooking is becoming manageable overtime for non-cooks, even what’s considered to be luxury meals, can now be either microwaved or cooked in the oven. The Spray Food doesn’t require heat, making it easier for non-cooks and people with time consuming schedules1. It wouldn’t be a problem for elders or people that is not on the technology train to attain or understand the Spray Food. To capture the cans in the grocery stores; the can requires a label of the food item that gives the customer assurance the can will look exactly like the picture on the

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