The Spread Of El Mozote: Political Violence In Latin America

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Political Violence in Latin America
The spread of communism was one of the biggest concerns during the Cold War. In Latin America there was a great struggle to establish a stable economic and political system. Religion was closely tied to what side of political warfare they stood for. Many acts of violence resulted from this association. The resulting political violence in El Salvador was put into account by Mark Danner. He provides multiple accounts, testimonies, and gathered research in The Massacre at el Mozote. This book explains and provides testament as to what was happening between the trained Atlatl Battalion, and the guerilla fighters. Many villages, and poor communities in Latin America were the targets of the extreme violence. The Massacre at El Mozote, and the fictional film, Men with Guns, both illustrate common themes that contributed to the chaos of the fighting for basic human rights, and political dominance.
Poverty was a prominent, and leading theme throughout the political conflicts in Latin America. Dr. Fuentes stumbled upon many villages that classified themselves as the product that they produced. He encountered corn, sap,
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Since violence was so rampantly spread across Latin America, many people experienced the killings of their families, were taken from their homes, raped, and brutally murdered. Huge populations were often wiped out for no reason other than suspected political affiliations. The Massacre at El Mozote brings lights to the horrible events that took place. It gave us the chance to understand Rufina Amaya’s story, who lived through the tragedy. The events in the film did not take place, but it highlighted many aspects of politics, poverty, religion, and violence that was taking place in Latin America during the Cold
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