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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a spy? Although at times it may sound fascinating, to have an intimidating job as such, could be quite overwhelming for some, but not for Edward Lee Howard, America’s Most Wanted Spy. The events that transpired as a result of Howard’s actions will leave many speechless.
David Wise’s non-fictional book, The Spy Who Got Away, is one that has been widely publicized and read by numerous people as it contains several striking matters regarding national security. This true story recounts the actions of a disgruntled former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spy, and how in 1986 he became a traitor, making him the first agent to defect to the Soviet Union.
Edward Lee Howard and his wife, Mary Cedarleaf
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Furthermore, the overwhelming amount of information depicted is intended to provide highly specialized knowledge about one of the most historical former spies of the CIA. The effectiveness of the author’s portrayal of Howard’s escape is a significant aspect that details the conflicts caused as a result of major flaws in the FBI and the CIA. Although at times it may have seemed redundant, Wise managed to bring together all of the interviews and information gathered to summarize the detrimental events caused by Howard’s resentment. Through espionage, Howard’s actions compromised the operation in Moscow, causing further strain, and almost irreparable, between the CIA and the…show more content…
Additionally, all of the thoughts are expressed in a well-organized manner; thus, making the descriptions flow with ease. It is quite impressive that Wise uses a variety of complex sentence beginnings; thus, demonstrating his ability as a writer. In doing so, he reduces some of the monotony. Conversely, I feel that the book was quite repetitive in nature and several of the descriptions were not as concise as they could have been. Notwithstanding, all of the information appeared to be consistent, I do not believe that it was necessary to repeat all of the details multiple times. Nevertheless, I understand that a few overly used sentences may essentially be manipulated as emphasis to the insight of intelligence and counterintelligence. Moreover, this is by far one of the most controversial security breaches in the history of the CIA; thus, I believe that overall Wise did the best that he could with the information obtained during the specific time frame of when the book was

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