The Stages Of The Standardization Of English Language Standardization

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English language standardization is a standard form of written English which has been established in England, that standard is always evolving and as English has spread around the world, several different varieties of English now exist. It’s also stress that the stages of standardization need to be successive and may extend over , and that the process involved in the implementation of a standard English are ongoing as successive generation attempt to suppress the variability which is the inventible result of linguistic change . Samuel Johnson dictionary (1755) is named by the dictionary of Standard English which became a model and standard of English in America and England. The dictionaries before Johnson were just a list of synonyms defining hard word which borrowed from Latin or French. In the 17 century grammar books at this time presented the information which related to the spelling, definitions, origin of words and usage notes. These grammar books extracted their grammar from Latin. In the 18 century the decision of language changed from grammar to lexicographers. Grammar books focused on teaching and lexicographers, from other point of view dictionaries became more developed. For example Johnson who made a use of techniques which used before by grammarians. Besides usage note, making decision on correctness, adding witty notes and illustrating meanings with example. Shakespeare was his favorite and he is the one who helped him to change decision
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