The Stamp Act Essay

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In 1765 March 22, The Stamp Act began. It was when American colonists were taxed on any kind of paper product. Such as ship’s paper, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, other publications, and even playing cards were taxed. All of the money that was taxed was used to pay the costs of defending and protecting the American frontier near the Appalachians Mountains. Although this act was unpopular among the colonists. Later on the colonists started to protest against paying taxes on paper products. The tax collectors were threatened and were almost forced to quit their jobs. The colonists that protested burned the stamps on the streets to show their aggression toward the tax collectors. Overall the colonists were not very happy with this “new…show more content…
They don’t believe that people should pay for paper products because how important they were back then. I mean how would people be able to communicate without being taxed. They would have to travel or send a letter. So you’re taxing people because they’re using paper products or sending a letter. Even know the money that is taxed it’s used for defending and guarding the American frontier. The family probably thinks it’s wrong because you shouldn’t be taxed on using something that we use everything single day. Just taxing in general is awful. We shouldn’t have to pay for things that we use everyday and love. Paper especially is something that shouldn’t be taxed. Taxing someone like a writer or a journalist is awful. You’re basically making them pay taxes for something they love doing. I know if someone took something away from me that I love I would hate it forever. And how are the journalists supposed to make money as well. They get it stolen anyways because taxes pretty much take all of their money. As soon as they get money and write more on paper products their money is taken away because of taxes. I just don’t believe why they made The Stamp Act a thing. They made people poor. Some people weren’t even able to pay the taxes. They were put in jail because they couldn’t pay for the taxes. It’s just wrong to make people pay for PAPER. The taxes back then was like only a penny but that could buy them so many things back then.
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