The Stanford Prison Experiment: The Broken Window Theory

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This part of report will explain what “Broken Window Theory” is who made it and how it was implemented in the movie “The Stanford Prison experiment”.
“Broken Window Theory” was conducted by Stanford Psychologist Phillip Zimbardo who made several experiments in order to test “Broken Window Theory”. He was trying to understand the difference in behaviors between rich and poor areas which led him to another discovery. He placed a car without plates and with the hood of the car up in each area, the poor and the rich. In poor area all valuable things were gone within 24 hours while in rich area nothing was stolen until Philip Zimbardo broke the window of the car. Once the car seemed to be broken and no actions were undertaken, the people from rich neighborhoods started to steel as well. (Sampson and Raudenbush, 2004)
The theory of broken window is the understanding of social psychology toward people and their action over broken and not fixed things. Rough definition of the theory would be, if you break a window and nobody fix it is more likely another window from another individual will be broken. The reason why this chain reaction happens is because we all have this vandalism need and need to cross the rules as we live in the society where we need to follow the rules at all time and sometime it is just exciting to cross the rules. The reason why we are more likely to break the window if we have seen it broken already ,is because when the window was broken nobody fixed it and

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