The Star Spangled Banner

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The national anthem is a tradition which represents the independence of our country. Throughout the U.S., the Star Spangled Banner is sung before sporting events to represent the respect for our flag and soldiers.The Star Spangled Banner became the nation’s official national anthem in 1931. Also, the national anthem is required to play before every National Football League game. A national anthem is one of the most important aspects of a country’s independent status. Kneeling or locking arms during the national anthem is unacceptable because it is disrespectful to the flag, to the soldiers, and sets a bad example for the upcoming generations of athletes. The flag is the base of our country and shouldn’t be disrespected. Each color…show more content…
soldiers are fighting everyday for our country. By the time you’ve read this essay, a U.S. soldier has passed away. These soldiers have to be separated from their loved ones and family. Not all soldiers will return back to their families. Not only are they fighting for our country, but also sacrificing their lives for others. To kneel or link arms during the national anthem is disrespecting the soldiers who fight for you on a daily basis. For example, Alejandro Villanueva, a former army ranger who served in Afghanistan, was the only NFL player that remained on the field for the national anthem. Later on he had to apologize for his actions because it was “embarrassing” for the team. This matter is displeasing because this player shouldn’t have to apologize for doing the correct thing, while his teammates did not. Tons of young children who aspire to be athletes in life watch football. Seeing athletes kneel could set a bad example for kids. If matters begin to worsen dealing with the national anthem, it may become optional for teams or sports. But if our country works together, we can put an end to disrespecting the flag. Kids look up to athletes, therefore, this is another reason you shouldn’t kneel or link arms. In the future, kids may think this is the right thing to do and continue to disrespect the flag. NFL players are supposed to be idols for young
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