The Star Spangled Banner: The Beautiful Should Be The National Anthem

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The Star Spangled Banner in its entirety suggest that Americans are courageous and powerful. In the song Francis Scott Key alludes to the courage Americans had as they fought in the war. For example one of the lines of The Star Spangled Banner was “O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” (Key). He suggest that America is the home of the brave which is as clear as it can get. Key flat out says that Americans are undaunted which gives Americans a sense of gratification. He also mentioned “land of the free” which can be understood as Americans winning their independence which must have taken great strength to accomplish (Key).This line can also be interpreted today as the land of Opportunity and diversity. America now as many people would refer to as the melting pot gives people the opening to be what and who they want to be. In contrasts of America, The Beautiful the current National Anthem doesn’t overly indicate that Americans all believe in God. While The Star Spangled Banner merely mentions God once, its competition goes on to…show more content…
With lines such as “ Oh, beautiful for spacious skies” and “For purple mountain majesties” as the song states, it would be hard to hate this uplifting song (Bates). Although this song is beautiful and filled with gleeful words that is not what America is about. In America freedom was fought for and it wasn’t always pretty. The Star Spangled Banner talks about the war and the struggles that got Americans where they are today. The hardships America faced is what makes America so strong and prideful. With the current National Anthem things are not directly spelled out. People need to know the history to understand, but that is the good thing, America is known for its history so a person must know it to truly take pride in
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