Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility

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In the recent business world, various strategies re being employed by companies with various aims including that of increasing its competitiveness, increasing the profits as well as increasing its working environment among others. Most companies have engaged in the employment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a strategy of increasing their benefits which in return are expected to give the company using it a competitive advantage. Corporate social responsibility is a business practice that comprises of initiatives aimed at benefiting the society and can include various tactics including those of implementing business operations that are greener as well as giving away a portion of the proceedings held by a company to charity. This social…show more content…
This paper engages in the presentation of a new viewpoint in relation to the corporate social responsibility and strategic management in an organization. The research question being posed is that on how to successfully integrate corporate social responsibility in an organization’s strategic management. The paper uses an exploratory case study on the Starbucks to further illustrate how the integration of in the strategic management impacts an organization since it is a well-known firm that has been using the CBR in its business undertakings and has attained a good reputation with regards to the social responsibility’s terms. Through the Starbuck’s case study, the paper highlights on the development and implementation plans of integrating the CBS in its strategic management. Starbuck is a coffee company founded in 1971 with its first store opened in the United States. The company has however expanded in the recent years with more stores continuing to be opened all over the world.…show more content…
I propose to review all necessary appropriate literature of the Starbucks Company as well as on strategic management and CSR. In my review I will achieve the ensuing goals; 1. Investigating and getting to understand how the Starbucks company’s use of the corporate social responsibility strategy resulted in the succeeding its business undertakings. 2. Consideration of the CSR strategy in evaluating how the company’s innovative technology can result in an increase of its products and the reduction of its damage to its environment as well as the costs. 3. Investigating the manner in which the organization achieves a competitive advantage for its business while using the CSR. 4. Investigating to find out how the company deals with the social responsibilities. 5. Investigating on the principle areas founded on the sustainable business that is value-based as well the communication ways that hold together the organization’s
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