The Stars In The Little Prince

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Stars In the book stars will be taking on the different meanings throughout the book, since the little prince said before "All men have stars, but they are not the same things for different people." So for the businessman, stars are a number to count and own; for the king, the stars are the subjects to rule, and for the narrator, the stars represent the little prince's presence on another planet. For the narrator, the stars contain the laughter of the little prince, and when he watches the stars, only he will be able to hear them laughing. The stars in The Little Prince represent what each character dreams is and how each character holds most dear. Snake The snake represents the meaning of three things in the little prince. First it means…show more content…
So he is really sad but also wanted to love her… and he is scared to lose her. I think the reason he thought that way was because he really just wanted to love her and protect the flower he loved, but he is not sure how to, and I also think he thinks that way because he didn’t know if she likes him or not, but the flower did it just because they didn’t have chance to tell each other. On page 27, 28 and 29, the little prince and the narrator were talking about what the sheep eat, but the prince is trying to protect the flower he loves, because he is worry about that the sheep might eat the flower. But he didn’t tell the narrator because he didn’t wanted him to know about the flower he loves. He just wants to protect the flower he loves so badly and doesn’t want her to get hurt or sad. So he kept asking the same question that the narrator didn’t know, so then the narrator got mad so then the prince was mad too because he is really worried and the narrator didn’t help him. I think the reason he did that was because he was just worry and scared because he didn't wanted to lose her and wants to stay with her, but he went on a trip so then he was mad at himself that he didn’t stay with
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