The Stars Shine Down Analysis

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Struggle according to the Cambridge English Dictionary is to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something. Base on statement above the writer can say that struggle is action with effort, hardworking, spirit and strive. Like the main character in the novel The Stars Shine Down. She Struggle against her poverty with the action it. The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon is novel which genre thriller that reveals about struggle against poverty that a girl Lara Cameron who came from a broken family in Nova Scotia to struggle how to get out from her poverty. Struggle against poverty is start when Lara still child have to work, that i1s stars when her father is sick until die. Lara takes up her father’s job along with…show more content…
One of them is having education, whatever is education formal or non formal and Lara Cameron have two of them. She get educations in school and in the boardinghouse where she works. Her struggle for having education while her father does not care about her life because she is a girl. "I'm tauld your hairn daes nae gae to school." "And why should she? She's only a girl. She dinna need no school." "You're wrong, mon. She maun have an education. She maun be gien a chance in life." "Forget it," James said. "It wad be a waste." But McSween was insistent, and finally, to shut him up, James Cameron agreed. (Sheldon’s, 35) The quotation above shows that McSween effort Lara Cameron have education in her life because education is one of way to go out from poverty and education is very important to children because be sides its can be the way to go out from poverty education also very important to make a good character. The first day at lunch, the other children took out their colorful little lunch pails and pulled out apples and cookies and sandwiches wrapped in wax paper. No one had thought to pack a lunch for Lara. Most of the girls at school were nicely dressed in clean skirts and blouses. Lara had outgrown her few faded plaid dresses and threadbare blouses. (Sheldon’s,

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