The State Of Poverty In America Summary

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Summary According to, poverty is defined as the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; also known as a condition of being poor (Dictionary). In the article, “The State of Poverty in America,” written by a renowned lawyer and author, Peter Edelman, the issue of poverty and the extent of how widespread it has domestically become is redundant throughout. Within his writing, he explains in great detail how poverty is a deeply rooted problem that society faces in two ways, as well as the longtime affects of the troubles and hardships poor people experience every day. The first way poverty is categorized is when people consistently work long and hard hours for a job that is very low-waged with no benefits. The second way poverty is classified is when a person has dreadfully little to no work opportunities for extended periods of time. Either way a person is considered to be…show more content…
This class inequality is the reality that there are unequal opportunities and rewards granted to different social positions and statuses within a group or a society. Generally, there are four different levels of social class; the Capitalist Class, the Middle Class, the Working Class, and the Underclass. Social class inequality exists due to multiple key contributors including power, occupational prestige, schooling, ancestry, and race and ethnicity. Concerning one’s personal economic circumstance, income is the earnings from work or investments that they make annually, while wealth is their overall total value of money and other assets minus debts. David Croteau and William Hoynes, the authors of the Experience Sociology textbook, brief upon their opinion of the relationship between social class inequality and how parent’s social class status eventually influences and ascends down to their children’s potential social

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