The Station Agent Character Analysis

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In the movie “The Station Agent” the writer includes the characters Fin, Joe, Olivia, Cleo and Emily whom are from different backgrounds and cultures. The characters live in a small town named Newfoundland that seems to judge new residents. The five characters start out with completely different lives at the beginning of the movie and find themselves good friends by the end. At the beginning Fin a man with Dwarfism, works in a small shop building trains, he has a love for trains and railroads. Train chasing is something that he dreams of doing, but he has never actually been. Fin’s only friend and coworker Henry, go to movie viewings where other people have videoed themselves train chasing. Fin lives a very simple and routine life until Henry dies suddenly leaving him alone. Fin then finds out that Henry has left him an abandoned train station in Newfoundland, in his will. With his friend gone…show more content…
Cleo is very shy and runs away several times before she gets the courage to ask Fin questions about his age and his height. Cleo then begins to talk to Fin regularly and asks him if he would come to her school and talk to the children about trains. At first, Fin tells Cleo that he can’t come to her school but eventually he changes his mind. Fin actually gets to live his dream of train chasing with the help of Joes’ food truck and a gift of a camera from Olivia. Later that night they decide to have a screen viewing at Olivia’s house of the train chase that Fin and Joe went on. Fin finally begins to realize that he can have friends and a good time, Joe falls asleep at Olivia’s so Fin and Joe stay there for that night. The next morning Olivia’s husband decides to show up at Olivia’s house to talk to her. After Olivia talks to her husband she becomes even more depressed and begins to avoid Fin and
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