The Stereotypes Of Being An American Teenager

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Being an American teenager in today's society is the definition of fear. The fear of fitting in, being pretty enough, having enough friends, and having money. As an American teenagers, we see the world as a political scene that will soon turn good into destruction. We also see the world as an ocean full of opportunity. We can work towards anything and achieve any goal with the right mindset and the determination. In our hearts we cherish family and friendships that could last a lifetime. We crave the ability to succeed in every aspect of life. We crave money overcoming the obstacles in life, to further our knowledge and become the best we can be. Along with success coming failure; but as teens we try to prove ourselves by brushing off the idea…show more content…
Teenagers are described as “spoiled” a 48 year old male Eric Allwine described due to the fact that “as a parent I wanted to give my teen all the things I didn't have when I was a teaanager.” He explained his theory in an almost solemn tone, because of the knowledge he has as a parent this was very accurate. He believed that the biggest struggle for teens “is having things just given to them without working for any of it.” Adding on the this theory, a 49 year old female, Cheryl DeAndrea stated that “teens in society today, are entitled and they get things handed to them and they don't have to work for things.” The idea of hard work seems to be an unclear idea for teens in both adults this far. With the “distraction of technology” teens today are “self obsessed” because they “spend numerous hours taking pictures of themselves to send to their friends,” said a 22 years old female, Amanda DeAndrea. Having just left her teenage years Amanda still has the innocence and the mindset of a teen with the glues reality sticker on her forehead. The reality of growing up and transitioning out of that teenager stage…show more content…
The perceptions that teens are characterized by are things that teens understand. As a teen everything is handed to us, and we don't have to work for the things we need. As this idea grows the more difficult it makes the future for teens. We don't know what it is like to do the dishes or get a job to make money to pay bills. But are these perceptions things we can avoid? The perceptions of not working for what we want can cause parents to believe that teens are not willing to work for anything. This idea will destroy teens because we are then held to an unrespectable standard that is hard to disconnect from. Getting a job could be a lot harder due to the fact that adults see a teenager as spoiled and not willing to work hard which would then would turn them away from offering a job to them. Something that could help this gap would be the realization that teens try to work hard to make things more simple in life. The knowledge of how teens see the world could help fill the gap because adults would understand how the American teenagers brain functions. This relationship could build stronger more trustworthy relationship that would offer more to adults and teens. As well as the younger generations coming close to their teenage years. The differences between perceptions and reality is based on opinions, opinions that could be different for everyone. These options, although varied, all tie back
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