Money Makes A Happy Life Essay

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We are surrounded by stereotypes in our culture we tend to think that having money and a great occupation make us happy. Our world today is attracted to material things rather than spiritual ones; can a person who does not have these items still live a happy life? Everyone defined happiness according to their personal perspectives, but what is surely true is that money turn people materialistic and selfish and it does not let them enjoy another things or focus in moments that really fill our hearts. It is true that sometimes getting some material stuff for ourselves can be really motivating, but not exactly generate that endless satisfaction, because sooner or later we get tired of those elements we devoted at first. Eventually in our regular…show more content…
It becomes an obstacle and a distraction to be excessive interested in this things, it makes people think that what they really need to fulfill themselves is this kind of stuff, and obviously made them live to get more and more, to do whatever it takes to get the best car, phone, clothes and even a position, this could be to impress the society around them and to try to satisfy their desires and gratify themselves, and the only true is that at the end they are totally empty inside. Most of this kind of people can get enough, they based their life and spend their time and energy on this things that are completely distant from the spiritual side of life. Focusing just on the economic part, made this people to don’t get involved on other activities such as spending time with family, friend, or even on sentimental relationships, and this are moment s that need to have priority in our life,and here is when they show the selfishness and reaffirm the idea that money does not buy happiness, to really reach gratification it is important to don’t base our life in the idea that money can give it to us and try to control ourselves and identify what we really need and what is feeding our desired for material
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