The Stereotypes Of Living In The Chocolate City

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Being raised on the eastside of Atlanta, simply meant to me that I lived in one of the most highly black-populated cities in Georgia. I never knew that a city with so much heritage, history, and culture would be considered to a Chocolate City. Chocolate Cities was more than simply a place where many African-American lived. Rather, it symbolized an area of blackness that consisted of culture, companionship, spirituality, soul, and refinement (Hunter, Lecture 2). Stone Mountain, in particular, would become the Chocolate City that cultivated and crafted my individuality and black identity. Stone Mountain taught me what it really meant to be black and powerful simultaneously, but moving to other locations of the country taught me what it truly meant to be black in America. Living in so many areas of the country has allowed to me display my blackness and the qualities that my ancestors have passed down to me while continuing to advance in a system that deliberately attempts to diminish the existence and progression of black individuals. Unlike other manipulated African-Americans within society, I do not have to worry about losing my blackness as I matriculate throughout life because the Chocolate City of Stone Mountain has equipped me with the tools and knowledge of understanding who I am and those who have come before me. In this paper I will examine how my personal experiences surrounded by Chocolate Cities have evolved and altered my trajectory in a positive manner, debunking

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