The Stereotypes Of Racism In Gone With The Wind

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Every immigrant group has been stereotyped in Hollywood since the 19th Century. But in the case of ignorance towards black people, white people have created prejudice that has made the stereotypes last untill now. Gone with the wind, a 1939 Epic Civil War drama, shows slaves as well-treated, cheerful, and loyal to their masters. Slaves are portrayed as normal employees, and these are rewarded with presents if they’ve been appropriately loyal. This movie portrays slavery unrealistically and childlike. It portrays African Americans and slavery as happy and cheerful using really demeaning stereotypes such as the Mammy. Tropes are characterizations of plantation slaves from a white person perspective that started in the 19th century. There are many tropes found in movies, television and books. The Mammy trope is considered a stereotype since she has played a significant role in racist images, and perceptions worldwide.
In Gone with the Wind, Mammy is supposed to be wise and her judgments are supposed to be true; however, she protects the strict social, and racial power of the South. This character is supposed to be smart, right? Then, why does she devote her life, energy, and soul protecting the social position of the people who have enslaved her and robbed her of her labor? She is considered wise because she defends what the society inforced on her, she projects those who never gave her a reason to, but managed to find the way to make her think they did. This stereotype goes
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