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The title of the book read this quarter is Stolen by Lucy Christopher, Stolen is about an English teenager named Gemma, who has been kidnapped and brought to the vast, empty space of the outback in Australia. It is written in the form of a letter to her kidnapper, Ty. Ty is a man in his mid-twenties, who has been stalking Gemma since she was six. Ty believes kidnapping Gemma was the right thing to do. He believes that his was able to rescue her from the lies and cruelty of the society. At first, Gemma thinks he is a crazy lunatic, and she’s constantly trying to escape him. But later on in the story, Gemma realizes that she misunderstood Ty, and that maybe his isn’t so bad after all.

Stolen is a very conflicting story. It is
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Gemma is the protagonist and Ty is the antagonist. Some other characters include her parents, who can be seen as the antagonist as well. In the book it states, “Gem, they loved work and expensive things and influential friends more than you. They only loved you when you acted like them.” This quote shows how Gemma “save” her. Both Ty and Gemma are credible, although may not seem as credible as Gemma. Although Ty is smart, he can’t seem to understand that kidnapping Gemma was the wrong thing to do. He does let her go and he knows not to hurt. This is proven when he says, “Look, I thought you understood this now…. I’m not going to do anything to you, not like that...I promise I won’t hurt you.” But even though his knows hurting her is wrong, he doesn’t comprehend the fact that abducting Gemma was unethical. About 85-90% of the story is mostly Gemma attempting to escape from Ty, but end the end she doesn’t leave until he willingly lets her go. He makes a deal with her. “After four months, if you still want to go, I’ll take you to the edge of a town.” Although she agrees to four months, the deal is carried out sooner than she thought. I can’t choose a favorite character. I hate both characters, but I love both characters as well. Like I said earlier, the story is very conflicting. Even if Ty is the antagonist, I feel sympathy for
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