The Stolen Generations In Australia

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For the first 100 years of British rule, the Indigenous people were treated as second-class citizens. The Aboriginal people had no rights because of many reasons, one of the reasons that they had no rights was because were considered as second class which meant that they didn’t have the same rights as the non-indigenous people. The aboriginal people were treated as slaves because they did not have any rights. They didn’t have the right to vote, they didn’t have the right to marry who they chose, they didn’t have the right to the status and culture and they didn’t have the right to rule their land. The ‘social conscience’ of many Australians was changing because they wanted the Aboriginal people to have the same rights as them and also they thought that it was unfair for them to be allowed in…show more content…
The Stolen Generations were the Aboriginal Children who were forcibly removed from their families to be brought up by the white people and the institutions. The Stolen Generations occurred from the 1900’s to 1960’s because the white people who came to Australia didn’t want any Aboriginal people in Australia. The impacts on the Aboriginal children and families because of the Stolen Generations were that many children were physically and sexually abused, they received very poor education because they were expected to work as slaves and many of the children who were taken away never found their real parents, but on the 13th of February 2008, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised through a speech for the mistreatment that the Government had caused and also for taking the children away. The ‘Sorry Speech’ was so important because the Australian Government was apologising for the pain, suffering and death of lots of Aboriginal people and also for separating the children away from their families and taking away their culture and
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