The Stolen Party Analysis

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The social class system is a phenomenon experienced around the world. High class individuals live fancy, pampered lives and spend time with other members of the upper class while members of the middle and lower classes spend time with other members of the middle and lower class. There is a difference in how high class people interact with lower class people. They often talk down on lower class members and treat them with less respect. “The Stolen Party” is a story that highlights these characteristics of the social class system and shows that they can’t be overcome, even if it seems like they have been. “The Stolen Party” is a short story written by Liliana Hecker. It is about a young girl named Rosaura who is the daughter of a housemaid. The housemaid works for a very rich family, while she is working, Rosaura will sit at the table and do homework with her friend, who is the daughter of the family that Rosaura’s mom is a housemaid for. Rosaura gets invited to the daughter’s birthday party and is excited to go, however Rosaura’s mother is skeptical of the party and the reason Rosaura has been…show more content…
So she might not be used to being in a position of power or status over someone else. During the party though, Rosaura is doing all of the important tasks needed to set up the party and she is winning every game and competition, making Rosaura feel above the other children. When Rosaura is serving the cake she remembers a story that she relates to because she feels in power, “Rosaura remembered a story in which there was a queen who had the power of life or death over her subjects. She had always loved that, having the power of life or death”. Rosaura seems to be on a power trip in being able to serve the cake. She is used to being below the higher class people and seeing them order her mother around, but now that she is in charge of the higher class children she feels
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