The Stolen Party Summary

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“The Stolen Party”, by Liliana is about a poor girl named Rosaura who attends a party. Rosaura enjoys the party and learns a lesson. There are many hidden meanings and unanswered questions the author has left us. Our goal is to try to answer your unanswered questions about the story. Rosaura is the main character of the story. Rosaura is an inexperienced, innocent girl that follows her own beliefs and her own values. Even though Rosaura’s mother doesn’t want her going to her friend Luciana’s birthday party, Rosaura doesn’t obey. Rosaura later ends up learning that she was only invited to the party as an employee. During the party Rosaura was asked to do chores such as serving cake, and orange juice. Rosaura found the party to be entertaining, but later realized she was only a “pet”. The story states “...Rosaura’s eyes had a cold, clear look that fixed itself on Senora Ines’s face.” Instead of receiving a gift from the party, Rosaura received two dollars for all her hard work as an employee at the party. Rosaura learned the real reason why her mother was right, and why she was invited. This shows her trait as an innocent girl. Herminia is Rosaura’s mother, and also the static character in the story. Even though Herminia is a very strict, and a…show more content…
Rosaura is an inexperienced girl who is the daughter of a maid. She was invited to a party held by Luciana. She believed she was invited to the party as a friend when in reality she’s invited because Luciana’s mother, Senora Ines, portrayed her as a helper at the party. At the party, Senora Ines repeatedly asked Rosaura for help. She asked Rosaura to “serve out the hotdog” and “pass the cake around”. At the end of the party, Rosaura realises that she wasn't invited as an equal when Senora Ines offers her money. Senora Ines stereotypes Rosaura as an employee and Rosaura learns that this is all she will ever be in Senora Ines’s
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