The Stolen Party Theme

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Short Story Writing Exam The theme of “ The Stolen Party” by Lilianan Heker is being rich isnt everything and it doesnt make you a better persom.At the end of the story, Senora Ines who is rich said to Roasaure who is poor, “ Thank you for all your help, my pet( Heker, 4”. This quote shows that Senora treats and see Roasaure as her “Pet”, justb because she is poor while Senora is rich. As a general rule, most people “ Chilren” who have money make fun of people who dont have money just because they are poor. So as a conclusion the theme of the story is being rich isnt everything and it doesnt make you a better person.

Rosaure changed a lot through out the story because at first, she was thinking Senora was her friends but honeslty Senora only saw her as a pet , and Rosaure found out how Senora saw her at the end of the story. Rosaure changed because at first she was wanting to be friends with senora which she thought she already was because they do homework together, but later on in the story, she didnt want to be friends with her because Senora called Rosaure her pet. Senora changed a little bit,at first her characters seemed really nice but then at the end of the story the readers saw her true colors. The reader knows that Senora’s character seemed nice because its said at the beginning of the story when the party was about to begin, “ Senora Ines arrived saying shh shh, and
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It impacted the tone of the story because if the author was lazy and didnt care how the story sounded ,the story would be terrible and really awful. Some of the words that are used “ Nonsense, pompously,unmanly”. These words, made the story more enjoyable because it help the story be more descripted . It also kept the reader interested in the story. Another thing is that it helped the story and the plot because it showed how the characters talk. So as a conclusion the Author diction made a big impact through the
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