The Stone Child Analysis

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I am reading The Stone Child by Dan Poblocki and I am on page 100. This book is about a young boy who is moving to a brand new town once his mom loses her job. He makes a friend who has a common interest in a shunned author who has a curse on him. They soon start to see the strange activities that happen in the town and relate them to their favorite author’s book. In this journal, I will be predicting and questioning. One question there is, is what happened to Nathaniel Olmstead? The creatures could have bombarded Nathaniel in his book. In the book it says, “You’re saying that monsters are real” (Poblocki 81). Along with that, in the book it states, “I’m not sure what I saw,” (Poblocki 69). This shows that the creatures in the book could…show more content…
First off, the boys have been already off to a bad start with the town people. According to the book it states, “They don’t like Olmstead hunters,” (Poblocki 49). This presents that if the town people had a deep hatred for this author then they would for the people who relish his books. Along with that, the town people could have had something to do with Nathaniel Olmstead’s disappearance, and there would not be a problem with them doing the same with Eddie and Harris. The town people also can see the boys are beginning to figure out the secrets and not want Eddie and Harris to know them. The town people would believe the boys would share the information with others, and to prevent that they would get rid of them. Another reason that Eddie and Harris might die is because of the creatures. In the book it says, “Harris yanked him backward as something large in the middle of the lake splashed the dark water,” (Poblocki 67). This quote shows that these creatures are not safe and can be dangerous. If Harris would not have moved Eddie, Eddie could have been injured or worse. Another quote is, “ It’s just that when it comes to this town, most people move out, not in,” (Poblocki 12). Knowing that not many people move in shows that the town has its issues, and can show that maybe the creatures had got hold of some people already. Also, if the creature in one book was real then the creatures in all the other books can be real to which is extremely unsafe. Overall, I predict Eddie and Harris will
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