The Stories Of Eva Luna Magical Realism

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“The Stories of Eva Luna” is a classic Latin American book that is a great example of Magical Realism. This book contains many short stories, including: “Walimai” , “ The School Teacher 's Guest” , and “Phantom Palace”. Magical Realism is the matter-of-fact inclusion of fantastic elements. In “Walimai” magical elements are included in this quote: “I felt her spirit leave through her nostrils and enter mine.” In reality this could never actually happen, but in this story 's situation it seems possible. “The School Teacher 's Guest” has magical elements throughout the whole story, but one of the main examples would be: “The sun had fermented the fruit, which burst open, spilling viscious juice and impregnating the walls with a golden blood.” Of course we know that fruit is going to be putrid after being left in the sun for weeks, but in actuality the fruit…show more content…
In the beginning of “Walimai” it talks about how you can not speak without a reason and that they demand respect. “I cannot understand the ease with which the white ones call each others names, with no fear... not always listen to my counsel.” This quote is an example of social injustice. “The School Teacher 's Guest” has many examples of social, political, and religious injustice such as: “Meanwhile, the murderer, realizing that his life would be worth very little if he remained there, had, fled, meaning never to return.” The man who killed Ines 's son went free, when he should have been put in prison. This is an example of social injustice. In “Phantom Palace” an example of political injustice is: “ He offered him the option of withdrawing without a scandal, to protect the dignity of the country he represented... movement of the oil tankers.” El Benefactor gave Ambassador Lieberman three days to flee the country, because he was catching up with El Benefactors crime. El Benefactor used his power
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