The Stork's Nest: Lack Of Health Care

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Factors such as lack of health insurance, poor living conditions, being under-educated, stress and the lack of social support can put the infants at risk for mortality. Many African Americans, especially those who are poor and those working without health care benefits, are less likely than white Americans to have a usual source of health care (Copeland, 2005). An environment a person lives in is related to health problems too. Families living in urban areas are confronted with the constant challenges of population density, inadequate or unaffordable housing, overcrowding, limited access to resources, and high crime rates (Copeland, 2005). African American families are at risk for SIDS due to the environment that the baby is discharged. As a nurse leader, I find it crucial when it comes to homegoing for them to understand why we have safe sleep education. In Ohio, we have a program called, The Stork’s Nest. It provides vouchers for items which are tailored to the poor community but encourages education by offering these incentives. Providing a meal and transportation helps to encourage participation and incentivizes attendance. To enhance this program, we can reach out to the local churches. As explained by Barnes (2008) the African-American population found much support in their church and it is a great way to reach many people. As a nurse leader, I would make sure our social worker gets in touch with all of our neonatal clients to make sure they are getting the community support when leaving the hospital and financial assistance with the hospital bill arrives.…show more content…
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