The Storm Character Analysis

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Calixta in "The Storm" In this short story "The Storm" by Kate Chopin, the character that was the most greatly changed or influenced would have to be Calixta. First, in the beginning you get this feeling that she plays the character of a mother who as a storm approaches begins to get anxious as any parent usually does knowing her child may be in danger. We might infer in the beginning of the passage that she is sweet and innocent as any southern woman is. As the story and the plot continues to thicken, you can see that Calixta is not as much of an innocent character and more of a seductive mistress. In addition to her marriage that she is bound into she also displays her sexual needs and desire to be with Alcee. When the storm draws closer to her little shack house, you can see that maybe the storm has a hidden background meaning or innuendo. When Alcee rides up on his horse to Calixtas ' home, she changes from anxious to trying to seduce him. So, as you can see Calixta then changes from an anxious, stressed, housewife to a seductive, sexual and burning hot lover to Alcee. Second, Calixta changes her persona by going from continuing to remain nervous about her son and husband not being present in the home as they are out facing the storm, but also pulling into Alcee 's ' arms to seek his warmth and comfort. As stated in the story "She would not compose herself; she would not be seated. Alcee clasped her shoulders and looked into her face. The contact of her warm,
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