The Storm Poem Analysis

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Most important is the appearance of twelve poems on the theme of travel in general and Spain and Italy in particular. Jennings’ spirit which was struggling to free itself in the “journey” motif in the previous book, finds its first wings in the twelve poems in this collection. This collection contains examples of new experiments marked by a departure from earlier style. She is not as anxious to hide her feelings behind her intellect as before. Her tone which was previously neutral is now less calm. With this Jennings moves from her more subjective way of looking to a more objective sense of the world; the range of her subject matter increases both in subject matter and in form. The poems cover a wide range of subjects, from abstract ideas, nature and childhood to art, travel and religion. Wherever the theme is born of an idea, it is spread out as the externalization of the idea in the reasoning voice of the poet. The poems about nature and human nature contain images drawn from the outside world to illustrate or illuminate an idea. There are poems here which are confessional in theme, though not in voice or tone where the poet tries to describe her involvement with people and places. The poem “The Storm” shows effectively many of the concerns Jennings expresses about language as a medium of communication. The fundamental theme is confusion and misunderstanding; the storm belongs to mind and language, rather than external nature: “Those who had never met before but in/
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