The Storm Setting Analysis Essay

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The Storm Setting Analysis The storm took place in a petty town in Louisiana in the late nineteenth century. It was the time when that place began to grow dark and began to rain heavily. The setting of the story resolves mostly in Calixta’s house. Calixta was left alone at home as her husband and her son came to the grocery store to buy foods. Alcee’, her ex-boyfriend came and ask for the rain shelter after a long time of her marriage with Bibinot. The storm represents for a good time that Calixta and Alcee’ spend time together. Follow the storm story, the author describes many different imageries effectively that used five senses. “The rain beat upon the low, shingled roof with a force and clatter that threatened to break an entrance and deluge them there” (Kate Chopin). The sound of the heavy rain on the roof describes how dangerous of the storm was. It represents for the passion, a sexual tension between…show more content…
White color repeated many times in the story to created many pictures about Calixta. White represent for the purity and virtue women in the nineteenth century. However, Calixta described as a character who has a sexual desire and a strong passion for her enormous relationship. As the readers, many people might find ugly about her lifestyle, an awful girl and an unclear in the relationship within marriage. But for Chopin and the character, it might find reasonable. A woman who was underscoring the traditional in the past about forced marriage, and that would lead them to the wrong way. Even though it felt guilty for a woman to do so, but it brought them to a happy feeling with their life. Throughout the story, as well as the setting at Calixta’s house, the author expressed the dissatisfaction with traditional marriage in the late nineteenth. Therefore, the storm illustrated a joyful life of a woman who got accepted with her trickery
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