The Story Of A Short Story

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This is the story of an elderly woman called Jenny who stays alone in her abode with the company of her cat and kittens. Jenny accidentally poisoned her cat while trying to kill a mouse thrown into her house. At noon, the sun shines in a small white room with furnishings from twenty years ago; a gigantic old photo hangs on the living room wall. It is the photo of a young couple and their baby boy. In the photo, the woman holds their baby boy in her arms while a man wraps his hands around the woman’s shoulder. A blue fabric couch sits under the photo. On the couch is Jenny, a gray-haired elderly woman who is taking a nap and beside her is a white mother cat and her newborn kittens that are enjoying a sound sleep on their own cushion. With the window of her house wide open, Jenny got awakened by the noise of children playing outside. She rubs her forehead, sits up and looks blankly out of the window, there are several boys not older than eight years old standing outside the window and staring into the house. When their eyes meet Jenny’s, they make funny faces and throw a big mouse into the room, then run away, laughing. Jenny got frightened and gives a loud cry when she sees the rat. Her cry wakes up the cat lying next to her. The mother cat makes an angry call, and the mouse scurries through the living room, heading straight to a bedroom. Jenny swaddles to a corner of the living room and takes a swatter out of a large vase of sundries. Trotting into the bedroom, she

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