The Story Of A Short Story

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My name is Ricardo Williams, I am 37 years old. I was born in the Netherlands, hospital in Amsterdam. Amsterdam was full of trouble, a lot of robberies happened in town and executions by gangs happened frequently. My parents were killed in a fatal car accident, and I happened to be sitting in the car whenever it happened. How did the car crash? Long story. While my parents were driving home, we notice a pursuit and we heard gun shots and the police were behind them and suddenly they lost the control of the car and crashed into my dad 's vehicle. My father and mother both died due to the vehicle 's safety poorness. They didn 't have their seat belts on. They both died as soon as the car flipped, whenever it flipped over they both broke their necks from the force. A few Paramedics came and tried to save the lives of my parents, but it was already too late.. I was only 12 when that happened. I moved to live with my uncle. He had three sons, and one daughter. I used to have a relationship with his daughter.. She was good looking, they always treated me with respect, excluding his sons though. His sons used to hate me due to the fact I was having a more luxury life than they do. They blamed for everything that happened. When I grew up to be the age of 18 years old, i was going to the Police Academy in The Netherlands. When I passed the exam of the police academy, I bought a ticket and came to Los Santos. I got a job as a security of the bank of Los Santos. I worked there for six
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