Autobiography Of Ricardo Williams

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My name is Ricardo Williams, I am 37 years old. I was born in the Netherlands, hospital in Amsterdam. Amsterdam was full of trouble, a lot of robberies happened in town and executions by gangs happened frequently. My parents were killed in a fatal car accident, and I happened to be sitting in the car whenever it happened. How did the car crash? Long story. While my parents were driving home, we notice a pursuit and we heard gun shots and the police were behind them and suddenly they lost the control of the car and crashed into my dad 's vehicle. My father and mother both died due to the vehicle 's safety poorness. They didn 't have their seat belts on. They both died as soon as the car flipped, whenever it flipped over they both broke their necks from…show more content…
While i was being Head of Security there were less robberies. Because when they put me in charge of the bank, i changed a lot of security systems so the police got alerted instantly, if they came true the detectors for illegal firearms or any objects what 's made from steel. Then i quit my job because I was thinking about to join the Police Department of Las Venturas. Because i had some high grades on my exam, they took me. With few months got promoted to corporal of special weapons and tactics team. When i became corporal of swat there were a lot of danger on the streets of Los Santos. Shootouts by organized gangs It was almost impossible to catch those guys. But then the swat team got expanded and we increased the arrest percentage from 15% to 38.5%, That was a record of all time! But then my wife named Sophie Williams got kidnapped by a few gang members of the Ballas. They chief wasn 't able to do anything. So did wish each gentlemen would do, I searched for them days after days. When i found the Frequency of their radios. I heard they were picking up some food at 24/7 for my wife and their gang members. I followed them from 24/7 to their
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