The Story Of A Short Story

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Many stories are passed down from generation to generation. Often times, these stories are spoken to one another as a warning to behave a certain way or stay out of trouble. Sometimes, a simple tale can get twisted into different variations, all of which aren 't true. These legends are notorious for scaring people into believing that unlikely events could actually happen. Recently, I was eating lunch with a couple of friends and we told each other scary tales that we had heard. That was the moment where I heard about the urban legend of the clown posing as a statue in someone 's house. This story shook me to my core, mostly because I believed it was true. I will do my best to retell this story as I heard it, research it 's background, and analyze its purpose. As the story goes, there was a teen who was babysitting for a new family. Everything was going perfectly fine and she had just put the kids to bed. She decided that she wanted to watch some TV. When she went into the parents ' bedroom, where the TV was, she felt a little disturbed by their creepy clown statue in the corner of the room. She thought that she saw it move but told herself that she was just imagining things. She called the parents and asked if it was alright if she watched TV since the kids were sleeping. After they said yes, she asked if she could move or cover up the clown statue in their room, as it was making her feel uncomfortable. After a short pause, the parents told her to grab the kids and go to

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