The Story Of Honesty Essay: Sukhjit's Story

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Sukhjit Sandhu, 16
Sukhjit’s Story
The gut-wrench feeling of guilt was present well throughout my childhood and I was known to be a liar. Every time I went to sleep, I would get nightmares of something terrible happening to me because of the lies I told. The feeling of being guilty never goes away, it is like the prey who always fear of their predator as long as they live. It stays with me throughout the day and when I tell another lie, the feeling of guilt intensifies, leaving me dejected.
I had just turned 16 a few months ago and had got my g1 licence. I was very fond of driving and didn’t miss a chance to drive. I would beg my parents every day to attend me when I drove so that I could get more practice. After about a month driving with my parents everyday after school, they had grown tired of driving with me. As the months went by, I had finally got my g2 license. I didn’t have enough practice, so my parents wouldn’t let me drive alone yet on the main road or even let me park the car. Everyday, I told my parents that I was going for a drive in our local neighborhood and that I would not drive on the main road or pick up any of my friends. After driving for a while, my parents still would not let me drive alone.
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I was the only one with a g2 license who could drive myself and my friends to the movie. Everyone was counting on me and I couldn’t let them down as they would all be upset with me if we missed the movie. Since I always drove for two hours each day by myself I thought to myself “I could pick up my friends and drive to our local movie theatre, watch the movie and be back in two hours.” So, I had told my mom that I was going for a drive but ended up picking up my friends and driving to the theatre. It had been that moment that the web of lies

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