Honesty: Sukhjit's Short Story

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Honesty Sukhjit Sandhu, 16 Sukhjit’s Story The gut-wrench feeling of guilt was present well throughout my childhood and I was known to be a liar. Every time I went to sleep, I would get nightmares of something terrible happening to me because of the lies I told. The feeling of being guilty never goes away, it is like the prey who always fear of their predator as long as they live. It stays with me throughout the day and when I tell another lie, the feeling of guilt intensifies, leaving me dejected. I had just turned 16 a few months ago and had got my g1 licence. I was very fond of driving and didn’t miss a chance to drive. I would beg my parents every day to attend me when I drove so that I could get more practice. After about a month driving…show more content…
Without noticing, we had driven home after the movie and after about two hours, my dad had noticed the dent and asked me what had happened. I told him that my sister had hit the car when she was playing soccer in the street. That day, my sister got an earful of comments from my parents. I had felt bad and guilty for telling so many lies, but I didn’t want to lose my privilege of driving, so I had decided not to confess. Just a few minutes later, the police had arrived at our house along with the driver whose car we had hit. It was at that moment the truth had came up and I could see the anger in my dad’s eyes as he paid for the damage and knew his insurance would rise. I had lost all trust that my parents had for me along with most of my privileges. I was raised with good standards and was told to never lie, but after telling many lies from that one incident, the trend continued. I had continued lying about assessments in school in which I got a low grade to keep my parents from being more disappointed with me. But, when I had applied for a IB school in the 8th grade, I was rejected because of my low grades and my parents were disappointed to see the rejection letter. They were angry with me because if I had told them earlier, they could have helped me get my grades
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