The Story Of Rapunzel And 1812 Grim Brothers

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The story of Rapunzel is a fairytale of a young girl that lives in a tower with her mother in the middle of a forest. The girl is beautiful and cherished deeply by her mother, since she was her only child. The story has been rewritten many times, but two of the rewritten stories that stick out in particular is the 1812 Grim Brothers original version and the newest version, Tangled, by the Walt Disney company. The similarities with symbolism and what is valued between the old story and the new one are similar. But at the same time the differences between them are striking and the reasoning behind the specific differences are drastic. Royalty is what plays the biggest role in the stories. What does being royal mean? And what comes along side with royalty? In American culture we see royalty as an entitlement to certain traits. The original story starts off with a family of two, a man and a woman. They have been longing to have a child. The woman starts looking out the window one day and she notices the beautiful garden full of rampion. As the days go on she longs to have some of that rampion to eat. So, she sends her husband to go retrieve some, the only problem is that the garden belongs to a witch. The man goes out at night to pick some of the rampion to satisfy his wife. In the dead of night, the witch catches the man stealing from her rampion gardens. The man pleas for him to be spared, and the witch agrees that she will spare the man; on one condition. His first-born

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