The Story Of Rosa's Migration To America

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This Italian family came to America in order to have a better life. The mothers name is Rosa the eldest sons name is Bernardo the older daughter is Alessandra and the baby girls name is Viviana; their last name is Pugliani. They were very poor and heard that America was full of amazing opportunities. They had spent all of their money on tickets to travel here. They are very worried about their bags because they have no money to replace their belongings. When Rosa was a child she loved in poverty and had to learn how to sew from her mother to make sure their family had clothing, Lazzaro her husband was not poor as a child but his father lost all their money gambling. The two of them met as young adults at a market. They fell in love instantly and refused to leave each other 's side.…show more content…
After 12 years of happy marriage Lazzaro died of a heart attack. A year after his death Rosa decided to move her family to America because she wanted her children to have the best life they could. Their trip to America wasn 't very eventful, they tried to stay out of everybody 's way and kept to themselves. Once they got to shore they tried to look for their bags but couldn 't find them, and became very worried. In the end though they did get s few of them, but that was enough supplies they would need. They set out to New York and lived in shelters at the beginning but did end up buying a small

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