The Story Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, two knights encounter each other during Christmas day, in the medieval time period. Sir Gawain was a knight of King Arthur and did not stand out very much from the rest of the knights. The Green Knight was a supernatural man who wore all green apparel and also had green skin. When the Green Knight entered King Arthur's castle, he challenges anyone to take part in what was known as the "beheadith game". Sir Gawain reluctantly accepted his challenge and with that took a lot of courage. As a part of this game, test was given. Throughout the story, the Green Knight puts Sir Gawain through certain tests in order to see if he was a worthy knight, detecting if he can be trusted in the Lord's house and returning to the Green Knight a year and a day later to complete the challenge all so that Sir Gawain could make a name for himself.…show more content…
Once the knight has request the challenge, none of King Arthur's knights stood up for him and took the challenge. That made King Arthur furious and embarrassed due to the fact, that he is the king and should not have to address the Green Knight. King Authur decides to go ahead and accept the challenge until Sir Gawain stops him and accepts it himself. The reason he does this is because, he wanted to make a name for himself and stand out from the other knights who were too afraid to accept it. The challenge was that, if Sir Gawain chopped the Green Knights head off, he must return to the Green knight a year and a day later to receive the same thing. The challenge was did but, it left Sir Gawain with an uneasy
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