The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda Analysis

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In the book, “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda,” by Tom Angleberger, Tommy a boy who writes everything that ever happened to him in his life. After some time a kid named Dwight, moved into his town, and Dwight had this weird Origami Yoda. Everybody assumed that the Yoda could predict the future and give helpful advice to a lot of kids. This advice actually started working for them. Tommy found the perfect opportunity to find out the truth about this weird piece of origami. He and his friends set out to find the truth about this origami yoda to see if he could use the force for real (and try to get the love of his dreams as well) Find out if Tommy and his friends, Harey, Kelly and Lance find the truth about Origami yoda, and if Tommy gets that sweet sweet girl. Tommy is the main character of this book. He wants to learn if origami Yoda can predict the future or if he is just a toy that does nothing useful. I think that he is a smart boy, but his friends seem to be pulling him back. Tommy got let down when he asked origami Yoda about what to do with the girl he likes. Tommy asked him about what to do to get the girl to fall in love with him. Dwight said to him in a Yoda like…show more content…
Manly because if you don 't know star wars you will get nothing from this book. But if you are one of those star wars fans this book is like all your fansites mashed into one. If you like dialogue in your book through all the main characters this book has you covered. 90% of all words in the book are dialogue me personally don 't like a lot of dialogue in my book but if you like a book with a lot of talking this is for you. The main reason why I like this book is the characters not a single one of all these characters have a stereotype they are very varied and fun to listen to. Also in every chapter at the end both tommy and harvey put there comments down about the chapter here is an
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