The Strange That Came To Town Analysis

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Freedom as we all know has different meanings and definitions, for all people. The dictionary defines freedom as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without eternally imposed restraints,” (Vocabulary .com). In this short story “The Strange that Came To Town,” by Ambrose Flack shows that the meaning of freedom is about being accepted. I believe this short story shows freedom in the presence of the Duvitch family struggles in trying to be accepted as who they are in their new neighborhood. Were they faced struggles such as not being comfortable in the town by being judge by their physical appearance ,and also economic state , last but not least the Duvitch family was isolated by their neighbors due to the town ignorance. The ability to feel comfortable and confident as who you are and where you live is a very important aspect , it was shown that in the short story “ The Strangers that came to Town ,” by Ambrose Flack the Duvitch family weren’t comfortable walking in the town due the judgments of their neighbors. The Duvitch were looked at differently by the people in the town who called their family the…show more content…
Although the Duvitch family were different from the rest of the community with their physical appearance , economically low income ,and also being isolated from the rest of the community .With all the challenges that the Duvitch family faced they were able to think and act without any restraints in thing they wanted to do , which shows the true definition of freedom is about being accepted as who you are as an individual
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