The Stranger Albert Camus Analysis

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“As Meursault pulled the trigger, he could feel the heat from his cheek from the sandy bright beach.” In The Stranger, the author Albert Camus uses different methods of mood and atmosphere in the novel which heightened the understanding of the novel and contributed to the descriptive patterns of the book. From the heat symbolism that creates a certain atmosphere in the book, to the specific mood he portrays in the novel.This all goes into the pattern that Camus blatantly put in the book to show a specific mood and to add an atmosphere to the novel. To start off, when Meursault states in the book that he feels a certain way for example heat or temperature it gives way to the descriptive patterns and symbolism, for example, to quote from the novel itself, Meursault says...“ I was able to understand Maman better. Evenings in that part of the country must have been a kind of sad relief. But today, with the sun bearing down, making the whole landscape shimmer with heat, it was inhumane and oppressive” (Camus 15). From this quote, we can see that whenever it 's hot or he talks about heat in some way, we can see how in the atmosphere there is a certain kind of tension, or that he himself is nervous. It gives the book a pattern of sorts.When it…show more content…
To continue, Colors also contributed to the ongoing patterns of mood and atmosphere in the book. In the novel itself red mean anger, Green means happy and Meursault points out different times of the day, the ocean, and places with colors which brings out the significance of the color. For example when he associated the color green with happiness."The sky was green; I felt good."(Camus 26). Red colors are associated with anger like the Arab on the beach scene (...he was just a form shimmering before my eyes in the fiery air.” (Camus 58) or sex like Marie 's dress from chapter 4 “Marie came over as we’d planned. I wanted her so bad when I saw her in that pretty red-and-white striped dress and leather sandals.” (campus
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