The Stranger By George Simmel Analysis

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In this paper, I choose Georg Simmel’s article stranger as my analysis passage. George Simmel was born in Germany at 1918. He is a Jewish. His mainly research area in sociology is concerning the relationships of humans in modern urban society. His theory and concerns talking about people’s society and community indeed attracted me a lot . He cared the forms of social interactions rather than its content. Furthermore, his articles and other’s people opinion on him can give us some hints to the contemporary and rapid changing society we live in nowadays. Thus I would divide my essay into three parts, discuss the content of “The stranger”, then contextualization and apply his theories by providing examples in our Hong Kong Society. Simmel…show more content…
Now I will show the significance of the concept and theory of the stranger posed by Simmel and others scholars view on it. Everett M Rogers (1999) “George Simmel’s concept of the stranger and Intercultural communication research states that Simmel’s writing doesn’t catch a lot of eyesight in the work of most contemporary communication because at that time ,the society is anti-Jews and his passage discussing about stranger is too disjointed ,fragmented ,lacking a clear research focus. Moreover, his theory were not welcomed by the sociologists that time as he didn’t use the positivism method like Durkheim to test whether strangers were really present. Simmel is a philosophy interpretive soicologist. Second reading I choose talking about Simmel is “at a distance : On the history and systematics of the sociology of the stranger” . The sources pointed out that there were four limitations can be identified in the stranger. First, Simmel’s conception of the stranger has periodically been equated with the concept of the marginal man; it’s an atypical type of social type of people. Secondly, Simmel’s significance of the variety of ways in which Simmel used the metaphor of simultaneous closeness and remoteness not explained clear enough, it can see that some of the scholars thought that some of his imagination to the outsiders of a community is too overwhelming and…show more content…
He has attempted to outline several theoretical modalities through which the contemporary stranger is linked together, and to highlight how media technologies help elongate the relevance of Simmel’s important construction. Future research could examine interplays between the mediated stranger, online surveillance, and self-disclosure; it could also investigate connections between inclusion, exclusion, and mediated politics. We can also see that our culture norms and social media play a very significant role in the umbrella revolution or you may say Occupy Central. Different local newspapers in Hong Kong such as Apple Daily, Ming Pao Daily and Sing Tao Daily neglected the faith of a media, their standpoint should be neutral and provide objective facts to the readers, however , they failed to do it .Apply Daily’s boss Lai Chi Ying was criticized as receiving money from United States and supported the revolution against the government . Conversely, Sing Tao Daily created a lot of discourse and statistics to show that Occupy Central violate the public opinion, urged the movement ended as soon as possible. Frankly speaking, most of the teenagers in Hong Kong didn’t concern much about politics, they just want to earn more money and have a stable life. From
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