The Strategy Of Coca-Cola In External And Industry Environment

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Introduction: In the modern world, the business of beverage has rapidly grown up and bloomed in the worldwide market. Particularly, Coca-Cola is one of the most successful in a beverage corporate and it has a lot of branches to spread all over the world. Nevertheless, there are some giant companies in this type of business like coke, sprite and so on. They always perform their strategies in order to contest with each other. Today Cola-cola is really popular for a lot of people in all over the world. Thus, this essay exhibits scanning the strategies of Coca-Cola in external and Industry environment by using theories including PESTLE and Porter’s 5 forces’.
The external of Coca-Cola Company - PESTLE There are some theories of PESTLE which effect with the external environment of the company and PESTLE focuses on external environment of the company which relates to customer and places where the company provide to service in each country. Therefore, Coca-Cola has to utilize the theory of PESTLE to scan in the business in order to know the advantages and disadvantages of the environment.
For political factor, Coca-Cola is a beverage company which it is in the food category under the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Thus, Coca-Cola must follow the rule and regulation from a government. In addition, the company must be commanded the manufacturing procedure and standard in each product by the government. It supposed to be the company fail to meet the standard from the

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