The Strawhats Dialectical Journal

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After Luffy discovers that all of the gears and stress he has put on his body has caught up to him. Similar to Roger he is sick with an incurable disease and he will die in a few more months. The strawhats finally make it to the end of the Grandline, to Raftel, where Luffy finds the Rio Ponoglyph, which explains what the One Piece truly is. In order to get to Raftel, Luffy had to fight and defeat each of the four yonko including finally returning his hat to Shanks. At one point the marines surround the strawhat crew preparing to open fire on the ship. However, Luffy gives himself up willingly to the marines in order to insure his crewmates’ safety. Luffy has already achieved all of his dreams, so he is willing to be executed in order…show more content…
Ace and Sabo’s graves are the same height but Luffy’s is slightly smaller. The world is witness to the funeral and no eyes are dry across the island. Garp, Dragon, Makino, Woopslap, and Dadan go up and say goodbye to the little strawhatted boy who they used to know. Then they step aside as the Strawhat pirates step up to Luffy’s grave, and they all stand in a line once again. Starting from Brook they each begin to speak about how they first met Luffy, when they joined his crew, all the happy moments they have shared, and how they have finally achieved their dreams, as these scenes are shown. As the original five begin to speak the scene after Loguetown is shown and moments with all five of them together are shown. Their speeches are longer and grow longer with each passing person. Nami and Zoro’s are the longest as they talk about life as the original trio, before the Going Merry or their Jolly Roger was even made. Zoro starts his speech and kneels down laying flowers at Luffy’s grave with the colors of each of the Strawhats. His speech is the shortest, but everyone understands that it is so short, because the words hurt him too much to continue speaking. Zoro stands up and they all thank Luffy for letting them go on adventures with him and for becoming their friend. Scenes with all 9 of them are shown laughing and smiling. Then, Shanks goes up to Luffy’s grave and congratulates him for becoming Pirate King as the scenes from Luffy’s past are shown. As the scene switches to the straw hat giving scene, Shanks lays Luffy’s straw hat on top of his grave, asking him to look after the hat for him once again. They all step away leaving only Luffy, Sabo, and Ace’s graves in sight as the world says goodbye one last time to Luffy. A boy whose smile was contagious and whose laugh brightened everyone’s day. A boy who only saw the good in people and the world. A boy who would battle
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