The Street Of The Cañon Analysis

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Finding similarities and differences in stories provides an opportunity to analyze and develop personal opinions. The two stories analyzed are “The Street of the Cañon” by Josephina Niggli and “Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes in which the author’s backgrounds influence what moves them to write and the settings of the stories reflect their differences in background. “The Street of the Cañon” takes place in mid 20th century Mexico, while “The Highwayman” takes place in late 18th century England, two extremely different periods. Both stories though use their author’s passions to create tales of forbidden love, not unlike Romeo and Juliet. The short stories “The Street of the Cañon” and “The Highwayman” convey many different qualities of character,…show more content…
The author does a good job of creating a plot where a background storyline of what is happening is present to further develop the story. Overall however, the story comes across as positive from the 3rd person view of a narrator, and the backstory doesn’t overshadow the main events which keeps the reader wanting to read more. The author, Josephina Niggli, may have developed this story because of her personal connections to the feelings or events in the story. A long ago party that left her wondering if she should pursue a so-called “Bad Boy” may have caused her to transform these personal memories into a more entertaining fashion. The character Sarita could easily be a representation of Josephina herself meaning that this story would be one built on facts and emotions that should have came easy for the author to transform into a compelling tale of mysterious and romantic relations with an unknown man. While reflecting upon the short story “The Street of the Cañon” a reader can determine the characters, setting, and style that the author portrays in the reading. As for the sake of contrast, it would be beneficial to also look for these same traits in a similar, even though different story called “The Highwayman”. This story contains many similar types of characters and style although the overall effect of the setting and the events in this poem set it apart from the previous story. The prevalence of love through troublesome situations is apparent in both of these stories
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