The Street Of The Caañon Analysis

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Out of all the concepts in the world, love and morality are the hardest to explain and understand. The first story is by a woman named Josephine Niggli, who was born in Mexico, the reason why she writes many stories based in Mexico such as “The Street of the Cañon”. In the story, a man and a girl are at a party and the man, named Pepe, is trying to woo the girl, Sarita, to unite two towns after he broke them apart. Another author that tackles the same concepts in a different way is named Alfred Noyes, an Englishman who wrote the next story based in Britain called “The Highwayman”. The concepts are brought out when a highwayman, a robber who steals from others, but he is in love and even tries to avenge his lover when she dies. Both men are…show more content…
As the story begins, a stranger is introduced sneaking through a town to go to a party. Already, mystery starts to take form over whom this man is; his name is revealed to be Pepe. Upon entering the party, after a few meetings with other people, Pepe meets Sarita by wooing the chaperone into allowing him to dance with Sarita. As she wishes to marry now that she is eighteen, Sarita accepts and the story progresses in its sense of love. Mystery builds again when the conflict of Pepe trying to take the bones of Balderas back to Hidalgo as it is the birthplace of Balderas. The true purpose of Pepe is unveiled through this discovery; Pepe wishes to reunite the two towns with a marriage, maybe so he can still get the bones back to Hidalgo. In the end, Pepe is revealed as Hidalgo by a block of cheese he had brought so the people of San Juan Iglesias and Hidalgo are not so different that they are easy to tell apart and Pepe disappears, leaving the mystery and love in the realm of possibilities.
Once the characters, setting, and style are considered, the overall ideas of love versus morality in “Streets of the Cañon” are easy to spot. Through a dangerous meeting in a rival town, Pepe is able to woo Sarita into marriage to reunite the towns after Pepe’s incident that broke the towns apart. While Josephina Niggli did a very good job of bringing out how one would think about morality and how love can prevail, another story called “The Highwayman” is able to use the same concept expressed in a different
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